Illustration Friday – Clean

Monkeys Cleaning imageI’m a little embarrassed to admit that the first thing that came to mind with this week’s topic, “Clean”, on Illustration Friday was to submit a blank sheet of paper. Dada isn’t really my shtick, though, so back I went to the drawing board.

And monkeys crawled out! They’re cleaning each other, like all good families do. It’s a bit of a deeper cleaning than just loose bits of banana or bugs. I just wish the photo was a bit clearer. I hope to pick up that new scanner soon. That should help get the details and great textures of these papers across a bit better.

And more monkeys wil be forthcoming!


  1. Willie’s avatar

    Really nice piece! And I think the clean sheet of paper would have been perfect. :-)

  2. MiJa’s avatar

    MONkeeeYsss! This is really good! And I’m not sayin that jus cuz I like monkeys.

  3. Linda’s avatar

    I like the way your mind works! Not the typical ‘bathtub’ scene for “clean” (thank goodness). I love the paper texture and the ink/guoache (?) you’ve used. It really brings a different feel to the illustration.

  4. Jeremy Holmes’s avatar

    Very Tasty…… your my find of the week…..

  5. Bron Smith’s avatar

    I really like the hardedge black and white contrast in your work. You’re able to get the feel of the jungle and the details through the almost cut out look. Nice illustration.

  6. Muffin’s avatar

    Oh, i love how the red looks stamped on. Great illo, I like it a lot.

  7. Jo’s avatar

    Very nice, looks like a cut paper piece to me. Love the monkeys.

  8. Kevin’s avatar

    Wonderful piece. The flow is really good, and I like the texture you were able to achieve.


  9. Hannah’s avatar

    This is really great! I didn’t even think of monkeys, but it’s perfect for this topic.

  10. stacey m’s avatar

    excellent! monkeys are the ultimate neat freaks :)

  11. Christopher Bennett’s avatar

    This is so Awesome looking. Really great picture. The monkeys are a great design.

  12. ori toor’s avatar

    Love the dirt as skulls/spirits. Beautiful work

  13. mjc’s avatar

    The monkeys are really expressive! Very good work…

  14. Dee’s avatar

    I like the way the red and brown tones work so well together. The stamped look is unique, also. The “dirty soul bits” or whatever you call them are great!

  15. Kate’s avatar

    This is really great!! Its soo bold and graphic. Very cool illustration!! :)

  16. peeko’s avatar

    great choice in color for this one– I love the monkey idea, too!

  17. Detlef’s avatar

    Fantastic piece.

  18. Andrew Thornton’s avatar

    You’ve created beautiful lines, with your clean cuts, and the textures of the papers DO come through. Although there’s a playful vibe, there’s also a more sinister side. Great execution.

  19. Ellen Klein’s avatar

    Patrick had no idea you were so talented. Keep up the great work. Will be checking on you.
    Mrs. Klein (Dana’s Mom)

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