Heavy is the Head that Bears the Brain

LongSky cut-paper artcut paper / wood
private collection

There are two things that amaze me about the human brain. The first is that the one thing which is solely responsible for our continued survival and evolution as a species is a soft, squishy, pink-grey blob of squiggles. As opposed to, say, sharp fangs or claws (possibly poisonous) or chunky armored skin. All of which seem, on first glance much more useful for self-defense. Not to mention cool.

The second is that, as a society and culture, we are constantly putting down the brain and those people who use it. We call them geeks and nerds, and push them to the outskirts of our social circles. We admire people who seem to go through life without even once showing they have that pink blob; put them on TV and elect them to office. I for one consider myself a friend of the brain. Mine’s done alot for me over the years (though not always at the time and in the way I had planned). That’s why I treat mine well; feed it fish, try not to smack it around too much, and send it on vacation whenever possible.

Illustration Friday


  1. marie’s avatar

    This made me laugh out loud! It’s so true how we torture the intelligent people!

  2. Elin’s avatar

    amazing, as usual.

  3. doni conner’s avatar

    awww…he seems so burdened with his soft pink brain

  4. ellis nadler’s avatar

    superb. I keep mine on permanent vacation

  5. patrick’s avatar

    Thanks all, for enjoying my brain, squishy tho it may be. ps: Elin, your work is gorgeous!

  6. megan’s avatar

    I love the whole idea and style of your work. Very, very cool. I like your brain. It makes my eyes happy.

  7. Salba’s avatar

    Great work! I like your design, it´s really good

  8. Glenn’s avatar

    Wow, I think this is my favorite piece of yours. So morose… very powerful!

  9. resetblog’s avatar

    i like this pic lotz :)

  10. eli’s avatar

    What if we were just big brains with chunky armored skin, big fangs and claws, now that would be pretty unbeatable, though I supposed opposable thumbs would be needed as well, but I’m overthinking this, ahghhh, stupid brain….

  11. edhl’s avatar

    i love this image, and your tendrils of smoke/steam (thoughts rising?) are wonderful…

    at the time you were making this, i was playing the game Psychonauts which has a really splendid artistic bent which reminds me of your work…

    in case you want to check it out: http://www.psychonauts.com/

  12. johannes’s avatar

    is it for sale as real life painting or is it only virituell.
    if ist for sale in what size and for which price?

    1. Patrick’s avatar

      Hi Johannes, The original artwork sold. I do sell prints of this on A4-size paper here

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