Your Echoes, They Shake and Shape Me

Your Echoes, They Shake and Shape Me cut paper art by Patrick Gannon

cut paper on wood 8 x 10 inches

The vast majority of words bounce off of us, leaving no impression, having no effect.

Every once in a great while however, we are impacted by that voice. The one that reverberates through us, burrowing past our armor to shake our bones.

If you're in the Portland area or have access to a private jet, the "Puddletown" show is still ongoing. At least for a couple more days, until the 24th of December. They've got a very cool Quicktime tour of the gallery that makes it feel like you're there. I only wish you could pan in on the individual artwork to get a better view. For that, you need to check out the opening night photos.

To get a really good view at the plethora of great art, check out the online shop. As far as I know, "Echoes" is still available. I dug up this awesome green-and-gold-frame that matches the shiny in the work beautifully. I only wish I had thought ahead to get a snapshot of it. Oh well.