Flailing Purple Tentacles of Beastie Destruction!


medium:  cut paper on wood
size:  100 x 150 mm •  4 x 6" approx.


Ancient legends tell of a gargantuan, trident-wielding, octopus-headed beast that will rise from the deep, tentacles flailing, to bring a new age of chaos, darkness and destruction to the world of man.

No, I'm not referring to everyone's favorite Great Old One, Cthulu, who also waits in that long line of slimy, world-munching monsters. I'm not even talking about Emperor Guillotine from Japan's “Giant Robo” (ジャイアントロボ ), known in the US as Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot, although the alien with a cephalopod for a head almost certainly was the influence for this guy.

No, instead I refer to the Beastie Boys' unnamed adversary in their "Intergalactic" video. With his bulbous purple noggin', stylish sackcloth robe, and starfish bling, this tentacled menace set his bugged-out eyes on metropolitan Tokyo. All I can say is, thank goodness for Giant Boxy Robots.

MEDIUM:  CUT PAPER + METAL /WOOD SIZE:  450 X 550 MM •  17 3/4 X 21 3/4" APPROX.

SIZE:  450 X 550 MM •  17 3/4 X 21 3/4" APPROX.

For extra credit: Can you name more evil, octopus-headed Big Bads? Squid critters also count.

"Flailing Purple Tentacles of Beastie Destruction!" combines with his arch-nemeses to form "Giant Beastie Robo Machine and His Cosmic Friends", like so: