Regrets of a Mad Scientist

Regrets of a Mad Scientist cut paper art by Patrick Gannon
size: 18 x 25.5 cm (7 1/4 x 10 1/8 inches)
medium: cut paper on wood

Worn out by waging constant war against the laws of physics and nature, one minor miscalculation can lead a superb scientist down the paths of melancholy and madness. Not to mention artificial breathing apparatuses and a whole lot of boneless limbs. There’s a whole lot here to regret: a whole world lost and left behind in a mad dash for scientific advancement, a lifetime of breathing recycled air, a lack of opposable thumbs.

What drew me to this guy (who has been sitting in my sketchbook for ages waiting for the right moment to come to life) was the sense of weariness. It’s tough being a mad genius all the time. Not to mention the old-school Eroll Flynn mustache.

As to why there is a sentient snow globe on his noggin; well, your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps a receptacle for memories of another life? But whose footprints are those tracking through the snow?

“Regrets of a Mad Scientist”, can be seen right now in San Francisco’s Gallery 1988’s “Battle Royal” group show, until July 18, 2009.

Oh yeah, and here’s the original sketch dredged up from the depths:
Regrets of a Mad Scientist cut paper art by Patrick Gannon


  1. Gavin Goo’s avatar

    Great facial expression and nice idea.

  2. luctupuz’s avatar

    good work!

  3. peggy’s avatar

    Oh, he’s so very weighed down by it all. Marvelous.

  4. Hans_77’s avatar

    wow, that is amazing, all mad scientists should have a stylish tash

  5. get zen’s avatar

    clever and well done!!

  6. Bridget’s avatar

    Love the “nori” greens and indigo shades in the background; yet again…truly spellbinding, mythical personae….!!!!!!!!!! So great to see the notebook sketches too!

  7. Bridget’s avatar

    Here again, just saw “Oh, the Things You Say On a Winter’s Day”….Living in Maine , I was totally floored by this piece… outstanding!

    1. patrick’s avatar

      hey now, Jumping the gun a little bit there, aren’t we?!? Glad you like it. I’ll be posting it here soon enough (and expecting a shiny new comment!).

    2. patrick’s avatar

      Thanks everyone for the comments! And welcome to PaperCuts too all the first-timers.

      I totally agree about the tash. When a mad scientist is not fracturing the laws of nature, they should be perfecting their facial accoutrement.

    3. Alisa’s avatar

      Aaawww! I feel for him! He just needs a holiday poor thing. Love all the textures in this.

    4. Irina’s avatar

      Great work! Love the character

    5. Bridget’s avatar

      “Jumping the gun”!!!!! You posted the link to the gallery show!!! At any rate, coming from a typically unsentimental person; yesterday was the one year anniversary of discovering the amazing art work of Patrick Gannon via the ArtistADay gadget! They post “Last year’s artist on this day” in tandem with the new artist. And how serendipitous, paper being the standitory (a word of my own design) Hallmark gift for first anniversaries. I’ve sent some paper your way…not sure what condition it will show up in… looking for to your next post…

      1. patrick’s avatar

        Wow, that is incredibly sweet of you! It feels like Christmas eve; I can’t wait to see what comes in the mail now. Thank you!

        And I dig “standitory”. I’m guessing it’s a combo of standard and…statutory? Nah, that can’t be right. Anyway, I can’t wait until our diamond anniversary. Diamonds are an artist’s best friend!

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