A Brush, a Pen, a Bunny and a Thing-With-Eyes

2012 Cut paper Art Calendar Artist Edition sketches by Patrick GannonEver since taking up the knife and setting off on my quest to slash up a whole lot of paper, I haven’t dabbled much in other mediums. Take pen and ink (and brushes… or at least brush-pens). Back before art school, pencil and pen/ink were all I ever used. Somewhere in the deep places, a vast pile of my drawings sits and seethes, plotting revenge against my fickle self.

I should thank the good people who ordered the Artist Edition of the 2012 Cut Paper Art Calendar for giving me the opportunity to re-learn the pleasures of this kind of drawing, and of having indelible ink dyed into the bottom of my hand. Actually, I should thank them for a heck of a lot more. Without them, and 70-odd other folks who supported my campaign on Kickstarter, the Calendar would never have come to be.
2012 Cut paper Art Calendar Artist Edition sketches by Patrick Gannon


  1. Baberandarason’s avatar

    Artist edition!

    1. Bridget’s avatar

      Enamored w/my rabbit; again, tell her she’s beautiful. The calendar looks spectacular. So glad you’ve gotten to dabble in other mediums! Sheesh, great stuff!

    2. Patrick’s avatar

      Thankya! I think my hand was utterly confused by the fact that it was holding a tool which made a mark instead of a slash. Enjoy your bunny!

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