2 Chances to Do Good by A Right Jolly Old Elf

2014 cut paper art calendar now available

One of the unexpected benefits of making art is that, every once in awhile, I’m approached with the opportunity to do a tiny bit of tangible good in the world.

This holiday season, I’m lucky to be involved in two such endeavors. I hope that you will consider helping me contribute to these two very worthy causes.

The 2014 Cut Paper Art Calendar:
Making a Difference by Making it Count

Crisis Recovery International partners with local nonprofits to purchase items that enable women to generate an ongoing sustainable income to feed and educate their families. They often act in locations which have been impacted by tragedy, providing labor and resources for necessary community projects.

I’m proud to be partnering with CRI on The 2014 Cut Paper Art Calendar: Making a Difference by Making it Count.

For every 2014 Cut Paper Art Calendar purchased from the special page in the shop for $29, $5 USD will be donated to help CRI achieve its goals. While the 2014 calendar is also available sans donation for $26 in the regular shop, please think about kicking in the extra three bucks (and I’ll happily hand over a couple dollars of my own).

Read more about The 2014 Cut Paper Art Calendar: Making a Difference by Making it Count.

100 Santas:
Charity Art Project for the Philippines

A Right Jolly Old Elf cut paper art by Patrick GannonA Right Jolly Old Elf (His Eyes—How They Twinkled!)

size: 3 7/8 x 6 inches (approx.) / 100 x 150mm
medium: cut and torn washi and chiyogami paper on board

ADMAD stands for Artists Do Make A Difference, and is a group of artistic and creative people who have joined together for the purpose of supporting charitable causes.

The current project, 100 Santas, seeks to collect 100 Fathers Christmas contributed by a bevy of talented folks in Japan and all over the world. Above, you can see my contribution, A Right Jolly Old Elf (His Eyes—How They Twinkled!) – the first piece I’ve completed since digging out from the avalanche that was this year’s Kickstarter campaign. He is just one of many fun and fantastic Kris Kringles spreading holiday cheer.

At the same time, they are raising money to help mitigate some of the destruction caused by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Check out all the ‘Ol Saints Nick at the Artists Do Make A Difference: 100 Santas Facebook Page.

And please consider Donating what you can.