2017 Cut Paper Art Calendar • Available Prints

Thanks again for supporting the 2017 Cut Paper Art Calendar.  Please look through the available print images below to choose your open-edition giclée print(s).  

If you fall in love with more prints than you reserved, feel free to email me to add one on, or do it yourself through my shop.

1 • Koi Kihagaki (ID No.1)

2 • Gravity and the Rebellious Stone (ID No.2)

3 • Hitching a Ride on the Breath of Fortune (ID No.3)

4 • Heavy is the Head that Bears the Brain (ID No.4)

5 • Meeting the Neighbors (ID No.5)

6 • The Golden Sea, It Has Teeth (ID No.6)

7 • We All Laugh Together (ID No.7)

8 • The Plum Blossom and the Fertile Breath (ID No.8)

9 • A Welcome Messenger (ID No.9)

10 • Red Thread Expectations (ID No.10)

11• Down On the Bottom Again (ID No.11)

12 • This Lightning Won’t Forge Itself (Fūjin Raijin Diptych, left) (ID No.12)

13 • This Summoning Wind (Fūjin Raijin Diptych, right) (ID No.13)

14 • To Breathe the Pale and Shining Moon (ID No.14)

15 • From the Bamboo Forests of the Night (ID No.15)

16 • Words of Carrion Comfort (ID No.16)

17 • The Electric Narwhal (ID No.17)

18 • He of the Flame (Bringer of Flame Diptych, right) (ID No.18)

19 • She Who Brings the Fire (Bringer of Flame Diptych, left) (ID No.19)

20 • Sakura Blossom Season (ID No.20)

21 • Vixen (Inari) (ID No. 21)

22 • Illumination Comes In On the Breeze (ID No. 22)

23 • The Cultivation of Enlightenment (ID No. 23)

24 • The Filthy Sadness of the Fox