Wave Stirrer image

An older image that I still haven't come up with a good title for. It's all about inertia and creating it for yourself as opposed to being moved by it. Capturing chance and change, fate and fortune and bending them to your own needs. I've always liked water, as both metaphor and design element - just not so much when I'm in it. This seemed like an appropriate piece for this Illustration Friday, seeing as I'll be riding on a ferry over the Inland Sea, trying to seem totally cool with the lack of solid ground under me. The O-Bon Holidays are beginning, so my wife and I will be heading down south to visit her relatives, both corporeal and not. I've enjoyed the festival as an observer before, but never as a participant, so this should be an interesting week. After a little grave cleaning and conversation with the dead, it will be nice to wander around a place that is pretty much as different from Tokyo as a person could go without leaving the country.

A big thank you to everyone who commented last week! You're all appreciated! See everyone when I get back.