⊛  Rainkoi  
⊛  cut washi + chiyogami paper / wood
⊛  6 x 4 in • 15 x 10 mm  
⊛  private collection


If you're a Koi who decides to go for a walk, It's probably a good idea to take along a water source you can trust. What could be safer than your very own raincloud?

The topic is pretty much the only thing safe with this Illustration Friday piece. This is the first time I've worked with the cut-paper on wood. This is a 木はがき - a postcard made of wood, about 10x15 cm. Which also makes this one of the smallest pieces that I've ever done. It was the texture of the wood, suggesting rain, which gave me the idea for the concept. Besides, drawing koi is practically a contractual obligation for living in Japan.