Hulk Color Sketch

There are many kinds of strength. There are many who boast great power. They straddle the earth like demigods. Yet, to the last man they pale and tremble, puny weaklings that they are, before the awesome might of The HULK! Were I as mighty as the emerald behemoth, I would have a finished piece of art to post today. Sadly, the chances are slim* that I'll get through the cut-paper version of the not-so-jolly green giant tonight. Or tomorrow. Instead, here's a sneak peak into my process. The first image above is a very loose color sketch of Hulky. By the time the texture and the color of the paper and wood (oh yes, this will be glued on wood!) are added, it will look more or less entirely different. And hopefully better. I still need to figure out if there will be one shade of green or two (the darker for the hair and eyes). I'll let the piece tell me that as I go along.

Hulk Final Drawing

Following that is the (almost) final drawing. I usually don't go quite so far into shading on my tracing paper drawings, but I was starting to confuse myself as to what was green and what was purple. Enjoy! With a little luck the real Hulk will be able to come out and play in a day or two. Come on back and take a look! Illustration Friday

* "slim" is defined here as "not even if I could fly around the earth at twice the speed of light and turn back time".