A Curious Specimen


⊛  A Curious Specimen  
⊛  cut paper + washi  / wood  
⊛  11.7 x 8.3 in • 297 x 210 mm  
⊛  private collection  


 I'm torn.

I'm a big believer in analysis and observation. Occasionally to the point of excess (seriously, never go shopping with me for anything that costs more than twenty bucks [¥2000] or you risk an assault charge). Somehow, though, it seems wrong for me to delve too deeply into a piece that is clearly about analyzation.

Instead, I thought I would show some of the bumps in my process: the Oops moments.  

The pieces I cut, but then realized that, for some reason, aren't quite right. Now, they rarely get quite this big. I've used the black paper before, but in this case, it was just too black, without enough variation. Instead of making the image "pop", it distracted from the main focus. One of those things you can't really tell until you lay it all out. Which is exactly why I cut as much as possible before I glue anything down. As for the border, I hadn't decided which style I wanted to use, so cut both. At least these didn't cost me too much time. The faces are just me showing off, so you won't think I'm a complete schmuck.

One of these days, I'm going to combine all of the unused pieces into one big, weird collage.