I Will Stitch Myself a New Fur Coat

⊛ cut + torn paper / wood
⊛ 6 x 4 in • 150 x 100 mm

Over the last few days, winter has finally gotten around to asserting itself properly in Tokyo. In other words, baby, it's cold outside.

I'm thinking that cold has crept into my work as well, by way of the color.

I just realized today, while standing in our local train station, that many of my recent pieces have had alot of cool blue and white(ish) color schemes. At the same moment, I looked down and noticed that the tiles on the floor of the station are pretty much the same exact colors as this piece too. Hm. In any case, the little green guy here has been bundling up too, although not, it seems, just to stay warm. Perhaps clothes really do make the worm.

Illustration Friday