Heavy Heavy Hippos - WIP


Mark McKenna's Banana-Tail is back again, this time with his pal Reena, the color-variable Hippo Rhino, making an impression on him. There have been a few tweaks and additions to the drawing since this, including slimming down BT's overly athletic, olympic weight-lifter thighs. I really enjoy drawing Reena. All those great round shapes flow so naturally from my hand.

Back in art school, I used to spend crazy amounts of time doing value sketches and fine drawings onto Bristol board, then tracing those onto multiple pieces of tracing paper. The process has been streamlined since then. I do teensy thumbnails now, blow them up and finesse them in photoshop, then do my final drawing directly onto a nice, thick tracing paper. Not only does the art stay fresh and lively, but I also get to sleep more than two hours a night. The final cut paper art is about 90% done, and should be up tomorrow (yes, I know I've promised that before, but this time I mean it!).

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