Down On the Bottom Again


Down On the Bottom Again
⊛ cut paper / wood
⊛ 6 x 4 in • 150 x 100 mm
⊛ Private Collection


There are times when, no matter how much we wish it were otherwise, we just don't have what is needed to rise to the occasion.

Don't feel too bad for the Big Guy, tho. I'm confident that he won't be giving up anytime soon. Maybe next time, he'll try water-wings.

Having spent the last few weeks on larger pieces and big projects, it felt nice to do a 木はガキ (kihagaki = wood postcard) again. Even though working so small has it's own challenges and demands a simpler composition, there's a certain kind of freedom to it. Mostly the freedom to be a little silly and have some fun, I think. That's the kind of liberty I cherish.

One of the things I love about paper textures is how adaptable they are. The background here is the same kind of paper I used behind Te-Naga and Ashi-Naga (different color of course), but it puts across an entirely different feeling and atmosphere (or lack thereof...).

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