He of the Flame


size:  100  X 150 mm • 4 x 6" approx.
cut paper + washi / wood
private collection


There's nothing like a nice, long soak in an onsen to smooth that furrowed brow. It also works wonders for that dry, craggy skin. Of course, no amount of hot spring water is going to help when you're made of molten rock.

"He" is the right half of the fire-god-themed diptych. It's always interesting to watch a piece develop, even when you're the one making it. My original sketch didn't include Mt. Fuji. The sweep of the hair in She Who Brings the Fire suggested it, creating the atmosphere and much of the concept in the process. Now I just need to come up with a cool title. Here's what the two pieces look like together:

SIZE:  200  X 150 MM • 8 X 6" APPROX.

Speaking of flames, my printer has risen from them in astonishingly good time. Thanks to everyone who wished it well in its recovery. Special thanks go out to the tech guys at Epson Japan for getting it back to me within three days. Turns out, the belt that moves the ink head came off, which is pretty much what I figured. Rock on, tech guys, Rock On.