Flung Wide Open to the Snarl

 Flung Wide Open to the Snarl  
⊛  cut + torn paper / wood  
⊛  4.125 x 8.2 in • 105 x 208 mm  

Every once in a while I like to do a piece that is wide open to interpretation. This may be one of those. I know that I had a specific concept in mind when I was sketching. However, I'm always curious to hear what other folks read into an image.

Designing all the curlicues for this quirky guy was quite a bit of fun. He actually started out simple. That didn't last long. A while back I did an illustration project involving celtic knots. They made their way into the loops and twists of his neck. Not in any strict way, mind you, but more as inspiration. The over/under rule just plain looks good.

Design Festa finished up this past Sunday and, after spending about a day and a half in a zombie-like state, I'm back up to cutting and gluing. I actually remembered to take some pictures this time. If I don't accidentally delete them from the camera (it's happened before, my friends!) I should have them and a brief rundown posted soon. It was an exciting, exhausting learning experience.