A Dribble of News

Electric Narwhal Original Art Available thru Gallery 1988 SF

There are two basic types of challenges: the kind that crushes you between its toes, and the kind that you wouldn't mind having so much. Happily, mine have mostly been of the latter sort lately. There are a plethora of gallery shows coming up in both Japan and the US in which I will be participating over the next few months. Heck, I seem to be adding more to the list everyday. Not so long ago, this was the exact kind of problem I wished I had. The challenge comes from my trying to balance this here blog with my show schedule.

Before, I was making artwork mostly for myself and blogging the work before it had even cooled down. These days, much of my work is made specifically for a show. That means that I might not be able to add it to the blog for months. In the meantime, I've been neglecting poor PaperCuts a little bit. I'm playing around with some ideas of things to write about during those times when I can't show new artwork. Feel free to suggest topics or ideas. It's either that, Or I need to pick up my production pace.

Here's the NEWS: There's some new original artwork posted in the shop! It's sitting patiently in San Francisco at this moment, waiting for your call. If you're interested, drop Katie or Irma at Gallery 1988SF a line. Or, if you're the shy type, get in touch with me and I'll call them for you.

You might want to keep your eye on the shop too. I have plans for it over the next coupla weeks. Evil, devious, masterful plans. Trust me, you're gonna love this.