Creative Creature Camouflage


⊛  Creative Creature Camouflage  
⊛  cut paper + washi / wood  
⊛  6 x 4 in • 150 x 100 mm



This world is a nasty, brutish parade of danger and peril. All manner of people and things want to crush, smother, stomp on, rend, tear, shoot, dismember, discombobulate, confuse, bite, claw, batter, smoosh, mutilate, strangle and eat us.

Or worse, sell us something.

How lucky we are that evolution has provided us with the means to protect ourselves. Take, for example, this lil' fella here. Defensive mimicry proves that nature knows how to play a little joke on itself.

Then again, maybe defense is the last thing on this beastie's mind. It all depends on which end is leading the parade.