Gallery Show - American Comics Exhibition 2009 ~Superheroes~

Guess who's back?! (hint: it's me!)

Yes, I am again at one with the world electronical. Like just about every superhero ever (with the current exception of Bruce Wayne, who is still extremely deceased-ish... today) my computer has slapped away the grasping fingers of death to return triumphant to the realm of the animated. And boy, have I got some catching up to do.

First on my list, I am proud to announce my participation in the American Comics Exhibition 2009 ~Superheroes~ / アメリカン・コミックス展2009〜スーパーヒーローズ〜 .

Organized by my good friend Patrick Washburn, 14 American and Japanese artists have created original work based on a "Superhero" theme. The artists range from those who work in the field of comics to painters to some guy who makes art out of nothing but paper. I expect some very cool, original takes on the theme.


American Comics Exhibition 2009 ~Superheroes

Official Website: All the Information You Need is Here!

dates: Sept. 27 (Sun) to Oct 3rd (Sat) 2009 (closed Tuesday the 29th)

times: 11am to 7pm (First Day: Opens at 1pm; Last Day: Closes at 5pm)

place: Gallery Kopis • located less than a minute from Kiyosumi-Shirakawa St. exit A3.
Tel: 03-5639-2381
gallery website: right here.

日付: 2009年9月27日(日)〜10月3日(土)
時間: 11時〜19時 / 火曜日休み / 初日開場は13時〜 / 最終日は17時まで
場所: 清澄白川駅から45秒にあるギャラリー・コピス。
住所: ギャラリー コピス 〒135−0021東京都江東区白河1−2−12 1F
電話: 03-5639-2381