The Aftermath of Superheroes and Storm Gods

It seems strangely appropriate that the day after the American Comics 2009 and Raijin Fujin exhibits drew to a close, Japan got hit with the biggest typhoon in ages. There was about a week of rain leading up to it, and an appropriate amount of gusting wind. Happily, the apartment is still standing and, aside from a couple late trains, Tokyo is no worse for all the blustering. I've spent most of this past week recovering from the string of all-nighters leading up to these two shows. Even with the lack of shut-eye, I'm thrilled with the way the shows turned out. There was some fantastic artwork, and a huge turnout. If you look closely at those photos, you might even notice some new cut paper art hanging on the walls. I'll be posting it here as soon as I can shepherd it through photoshop.

A huge Thank-You! goes out to everyone who was able to stop by the show and chat!

I wish I had had the time to get snapshots of everyone's work. As it is, I only was able to circle half the gallery before I got shanghaied.

The photos I was able to take are on Flickr here.