Down on the Bottom Again Print Surfaces

The fourth and final giclée in the 2009 Autumn series of prints, Down on the Bottom Again stands semi-patiently waiting in the shop. You can read about the original art here. I'm wracking my brains for something clever to say about this poor chap right now, but the truth is that both he and I are breathing a sigh of relief that all of the prints are finished as promised before November is naught but a memory. It's hardly humble, but I think they came out pretty dang good too.

So, if you've been holding off on ordering, hold no longer. Prints ship priority, so barring the wrath of the postal gods, there should still be plenty of time to grab up one or two in time for the holidays. Of course, I guarantee nothing except that I will do my best to get everything out the door quick as a bunny.

Oh yeah, The 2010 Cut Paper Art Calendar is nearly ready too! I'm just waiting on the final color. And this time I promise that, at the very least, it will be for the correct year. Check back soon for an update.

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