Travel Reading

Travel Reading

⊛ cut paper + washi + chiyogami / wood
⊛ 11.6 x 16.5 in • 297 x 420 mm

It's been a while since I've taken a vacation. In fact, today was the first time I've escaped from Tokyo in months (to Kamakura, for a bit of temple hopping and mountain climbing and local beer and sausages. 'Twas awesome).

They say that "getting there is half the fun", and generally I agree. It was certainly the case today, with the train ride jammed full of good conversation and weird observations. Not to mention the long, satisfying nap which was the return trip. Sometimes though, all I want to do is find a way to distract myself until I reach my destination. Wrapped securely in a cocoon of books, movies, music and sleep. All the while doggedly ignoring everything springing up all around.

I've been trying to work on a slightly larger scale recently.

It gives me a chance to tell more complicated stories with more subtle emotions and concepts. Not to mention that some of the papers I've picked up recently are just too beautiful to slice apart. Take, for example, the background paper in this piece. The deep blend of colors mixed with the gold ink is just stunning in person. It's really a piece of art unto itself. Or the subtle variations in color in the beastly blue.

Finally, here's the scribble I worked off of. The concept popped into my head more or less fully formed, but with an entirely different cast of inappropriate characters. By the second sketch, I had revised them to their near-finished state. The big hands on the mount's front limbs were a late addition.

It's surprising how much intelligence those opposable thumbs add to a creature; they make all the difference between a beast of burden and a sentient creature.