2011, The Year In Paper: The Cut Paper Art Calendar’s Here

Featuring a slew of new, favorite and seasonally appropriate works, The 2011 Cut Paper Art Calendar is a feast for the eyes and the imagination. A new piece of beautifully reproduced cut-and-torn paper art welcomes you each month with a collage of fantastical imagery and amazing characters.

I'm particularly thrilled with the 2011 calendar for a couple reasons, and I think you'll dig it too. For one thing, this year we've replaced a full third of the artwork with new pieces, the biggest change since we first made it available a couple years back. But even better, this is the earliest the calendar has ever been finished! Not only is it here before the new year, but it's actually in time for the gift-giving season. And, in my humble opinion, it looks great. Pop on over to Lulu and grab one today (or, y'know, any day between now and Dec. 31st).

Check out  the newest version in the shop

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