Video Thrilled the PaperCut Star

蒼山日菜プロデュース「世界の切り絵展」の準備からオープニングまでの模様です。世界を代表する「KIRIE」作家の作品を一同に展示。2011年9月25日まで山梨県・富士川切り絵の森美術館で開催中! 参加アーティスト/Aoyama Hina / Andrea Dezsö / Béatrice Coron / Bovey Lee / Patrick Gannon / Réhane Favereau / Tatsumi Masaaki / Tim Budden

I typically avoid the camera lens like a vampire does the mirror. It's not that I'm particularly shy, or afraid that the flash will suck out my dark, dark soul (it's safely embedded in an ever-more decrepit portrait in the attic). Rather, I'm always a little put off that the me in video and audio looks and sounds just a smidgen different than the me in my head. Like a Bizarro version of my own fairly bizarre self. Having said that, please enjoy this rarest of looks at the wily PaperCutter in its natural habitat; in this case, Fujikawa Kirie Art Museum in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. The first half of the video details the setting up of the Kirie of the World in Japan 2011 exhibition, while the second half focuses on the workshop. Best of all, they've edited my weird psuedo-Japanese so that it seems like I wasn't talking gibberish.

Don't forget, you have until September 25th to catch the exhibition.

In other news:

• There's a new About page up! It's terribly serious, complete with a new artist's statement full of polysyllabic elucidation, a link to my art CV, and a Press section. There's one or two links to interviews I gave, for those interested in hearing me talk about why paper is one of the great romances of my life.

• Speaking of my great romances, my nomadic wife and I have moved. We are no longer in the great and sprawling metroplois of Tokyo. Instead, we are now in the much more relaxed and somewhat less sprawling metropolis of Fukuoka. My new studio in our more spacious mansion is nearly set up, and I have started work on a very cool commission piece. As a bonus, my view is more epic than one meter of weeds and a stone wall. Maybe I can get some studio photos soon.