A Multimedia Extravaganza


For the first time since I turned fourteen, I am starring in a video. Unlike those videos of yore, there is no music, nor am I flailing away on old plastic barn-paint bins pretending I was playing the drums. Also unlike those ancient moving images, the modern variant is neither on VHS nor mortifyingly embarrassing. At least not yet. Ask me again in ten years. This video was made to support my Kickstarter campaign for The 2012 Cut paper Art Calendar. I admit to feeling a bit silly talking to my computer. Also, I think I sound a little like a late-night infomercial. On the plus side, the video does give a brief glimpse into the process that went into making a piece that nobody who doesn't live with me has ever seen. One day, that piece (see the sketches!) will grow up into the great and powerful dragon which will represent the entire Zodiac for 2012... not to mention January in the calendar.


The campaign itself is going fairly well. With 9 days to go, we've raised almost half the funds we need to print the calendar. If you've been holding off, yes, your support is still needed. My appreciation goes out to everyone who has pledged, commented, or emailed. Thank you!