Thanks For the Support!

Thanks to all of the amazing people who backed the 2012 Cut Paper Art Calendar Campaign on! Because of your kind and generous support, the campaign was a success. Thus, with no further ado: Pre-Orders for the 2012 Cut Paper Art Calendar are now being taken.

update -- The 2012 Cut Paper Art Calendar is now available for purchase. Please check the Calendar Shop for a preview and to order. 2012年切絵カレンダーご購入頂けます!カレンダーのショップからご閲覧・ご購入頂けます。

Of course, for those who backed the campaign; your copy is already being held for you. If this is the first you've heard of the calendar tho, there are still a bunch unreserved. Want one? I don't blame you. Here's how you reserve a copy or two:

That's it. Easy, huh? It looks like the calendar will go for around $30 USD, worldwide shipping included. I was hoping to offer it for less, but the exchange rate isn't playing nice.

As for the calendar itself, the first draft was sent to the printer two days ago. The first (and, God willing, the last) color proof should arrive tomorrow. I'll make any corrections necessary to the color, and fix any dumb mistakes I may have made (I haven't found them yet, but they are surely in there). Then a week or so later, I should have the calendars in my hands. There may be a second color proof in there too. Time will tell.

Until then, enjoy the front and back covers (above), and the March spread below. Those are the right dates, yes?