A Brush, a Pen, a Bunny and a Thing-With-Eyes

Ever since taking up the knife and setting off on my quest to slash up a whole lot of paper, I haven't dabbled much in other mediums. Take pen and ink (and brushes... or at least brush-pens). Back before art school, pencil and pen/ink were all I ever used. Somewhere in the deep places, a vast pile of my drawings sits and seethes, plotting revenge against my fickle self. I should thank the good people who ordered the Artist Edition of the 2012 Cut Paper Art Calendar for giving me the opportunity to re-learn the pleasures of this kind of drawing, and of having indelible ink dyed into the bottom of my hand. Actually, I should thank them for a heck of a lot more. Without them, and 70-odd other folks who supported my campaign on Kickstarter, the Calendar would never have come to be.