The Great Cut Paper Creation Competition 2013 - The Winners

Grand Prize Paper Cutter
The Great Cut Paper Creation Competition 2013

Wonderous Scenery: Night Sky, Dream Series by Angelina Buonaiuto | in progress 2013
10x20 inches
medium: paper, paint, print, glue, time & love
see more of Angelina's work at Haruka Dreams Illustration

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It's been an amazing few years making paper art, thanks to the support & inspiration of a lot of great humans. I’ve learned so much about paper, art, people, and life. Now, it has been an honor to share my obsession – to give people who aren’t artists and who don’t usually have the opportunity or the impetus to get creative a chance to try something new.

These are the winners: 2 honorable mentions, 2 runners ups, one Kid's Grand Prize Paper Cutter, and one Grand Prize Paper Cutter. Congratulations to all, and to everyone who took the time to make excellent paper art!

There were so many great entries that we felt obliged to expand the prize pool. Initially, the plan was to reward only the Grand Prize. That idea went out the window as soon as we saw the quality and diversity of the artwork. When selecting the winners, we (yes, this is not the sort of decision one makes solo) looked at a number of factors, including creativity, adventurous and experimental use of the paper medium, cutting skill, and awesomeness. Overall, we picked our favorite pieces – so, yes, this was totally subjective.

It is my hope to hold another competition like this again in the future - perhaps even annually. Paper is such a versatile medium, and so conducive to creativity at all skill levels. I'm eager to see what even more talented people can slice, snip, and glue together. Perhaps I can even recruit an panel of (paper) celebrity judges.

1st Runner Up Paper Cutter

Semi Nude by Takayuki OOkawa | May.31.2013
medium: water color paper, color drawing paper & textured tracing paper

2nd Runner Up Paper Cutter

John Hancock Center by Peter Sullivan | 2013
medium: cut paper and mat board


Kid's Grand Prize Paper Cutter

Octopus by Rowan, Age 5, USA | 2012
9 x 12 in
medium: construction paper

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Honorable Mention Paper Cutter

Pintu by Maeni Zainodin | May 29 2013
8.3 × 11.7 in
medium: blue plastic & paper


Honorable Mention Paper Cutter

The World by Bridget Robbins | 2013
8.3 in × 11.7 in
medium: blue plastic & paper

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Artist's commentary: Historically, in certain sects/spiritual groups, neophytes were expected to illuminate and/or design their own tarot decks as a way to develop a deeper understanding of the cards' symbolism. Some of the cards I create were whimsical in tone and theme initially, as the deck progressed they became more thoughtful, serious. I feel the themes presented in tarot are universal, the building blocks, chapter outlines in the story of life.