Gallery Show: 「現代アート展」Contemporary Art Exhibition @ Kahogekijyo, Fukuoka


There's nothing quite like the creak of old wooden buildings, especially public buildings like theaters or, in this case, playhouses.

I love reading the history of these buildings and temples here in Japan.  They all have similar backstories which are uniquely entertaining.  Take for example, the Kahogekijyo theater in Iizuka, Fukuoka.

  • 1921 Built as a 3-story playhouse named "The Nakaza Theater"

  • 1928 Burned down

  • 1929 Rebuilt

  • 1930 Knocked over by a Typhoon

  • 1931 Rebuilt and renamed

  • etc.

We can only hope that the building does not fall over, burn down, sink into a swamp, or get carried away by a horde of dying monkey between November 19th and 30th, where 14 artists, including myself, will be exhibiting a dizzying variety of contemporary art.  Paper cuts, sculpture, installations, pastel, dye techniques, and much more will be on show (and for sale).  

I plan on being there one or two times (I'll post more when I know the schedule).  I couldn't be more thrilled to be exhibiting with this calibre of talent.  Plus, I'm excited to catch up with Hina Aoyama (青山日菜), whose impossibly detailed paper cutting always amazes.

現代アート展2016 • Contemporary Art Exhibition 2016

dates: Sat. Nov 19, 2016 - Wed. 30, 2016

times: 9:00-17:00

entry fee:  ¥300 • elementary school students ¥100

place: Kahogekijyo, Fukuoka-ken, Iizuka-shi, Iizuka 5-23

tel: 0948-22-0266
venue: website • English
directions: map

日付: 2016年11月19日(土)〜 30日(水)
時間: 午前9:00時~午後17時
入場料 ¥300 • 小学生 ¥100
住所: 嘉穂劇場 • 〒820-0041 福岡県飯塚市飯塚5番23号
電話: 0948-22-0266
ギャラリー: ホームページ