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The Kamon Ram T-Shirt • on sale with coupon code for a limited time

The Kamon Ram T-Shirt • on sale with coupon code for a limited time

Get the Kamon Ram T-shirt for 35% off until February 5, midnight JST with the coupon code:  ramtee2017

It's almost February.  That means that a year-in-review blog post is due soon (by which I mean that it is way, way overdue).

As a quick preview:  we've moved!  After 5+ years in fantastic Fukuoka, we have shuffled up the coast to incredible Izumisano, a suburb of Osaka.  I'll have a lot more to say about that in a couple days.  

Japan is famous for many things.  One thing it is NOT known for, however, is spacious dwellings.  I took it for granted at the time, but I was massively spoiled by the layout of our apartment and my art studio in Fukuoka.  In particular, the expansive storage.  Our new place is a bit lacking in that regard.  I'm currently trying to figure out ways to defy the laws of physics, and have multiple objects exist in the same space at the same time.  If anyone has a spare Tardis or Bag of Holding, I'd be much obliged.

Kamon Ram T-shirt

T-shirt $27.00* + $5.00 shipping included

Harness the  tenacity and power of the ram while luxuriating in the graphic elegance of traditional Japanese Kamon emblems.

The Kamon Ram T-shirt is a white screenprinted replication of the Year of the Sheep LaserCut Print on a charcoal colored tee. Available in XS, S, M, L,XL, and XXL sizes.

*XXL sizes $30 + $5 shipping

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Barring interdimensional skullduggery, the best way to create space where it does not exist is to get rid of stuff.  Sadly, a lot of the packing materials I've been recycling for years did not make the cut.  

T-shirts, it turns out, also take up a lot of room.  

So, in order to fit them into their new, humbler container, I'm having a little sale.  Grab the Ram by its ornate horns for 35% off the usual price before February 5th.  When checking out, just use the coupon code:  ramtee2017.  

With your support, we can give these Ram tees a new home, and they can avoid the unthinkable fate of being shooed back into the wild.

Patrick Gannon