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Photographic Evidence of TsuruFest

This past weekend saw the culmination of collaboration known as the Tsuru Textiles Festival 2014. While not the first time I've visited the lovely city of Kurume, Kyushu, Japan, it was certainly the most extensive. If there's one thing I can say about the creators and crafters of Kurume Kasuri Textiles and the visitors to Gallery Earl Gray, it is that their enthusiasm is vivid and contagious.

The Kasuri making tradition dates from the Edo period (mid 18thC), and is an ikat dyeing technique utilized originally by farmers to make everyday clothes that remain comfortable in every season. For me, the most intriguing aspect of this group of creators - and what ultimately drew me to the collaboration - was their desire to mix the traditional with the contemporary. While many of the patterns are time-honored classics, the colors and the construction of the clothing embrace modern aesthetics in a natural, elegant, and beautiful manner.

A small bunch of pics and explanation below the jump.

For all the pics from the event, check out the TsuruFest Flickr album

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