Postcard Pack Five

Postcard Pack Five


Postcards $6.00 + $2.00 shipping included

Sit for your portrait with the majestic, thunderous Raijin and the grandiose wind-wielder, Fujin.  Gallup past the spirits of man and beast astride a horse as black as the darkest night.  Then ascend to the highest peak in search of a ram attuned to the harmony of the universe.

Each postcard is 10 x 15 cm (about 4 x 6 in) of imagination and inspiration to share or to hoard for yourself, featuring reproductions of 5 stunning cut paper designs!

Set of 5 postcards includes Portrait of Thunder in Contemplation, Portrait of Wind with a Fan, Through the Pines, At the Edge of the Wood, a Summit, To Ascend the Jagged Peaks.

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