Vixen (Inari) • open edition giclée print • ID No.21

Vixen (Inari) • open edition giclée print • ID No.21


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A flash of brilliant color, barely perceptible through the softly rustling grass.

Copper fur stirs slightly in the breeze as the padding footfall pauses, considers. The air is thick with mystery, with cunning, with sharp schemes. A dark eye glints, quick and beguiling.

There is sly knowledge here.

All Open-Edition Gicleés are printed with 6-color archival inks on high quality Deep PV 186 g/m2 Fine Art paper. Each is inspected and stamped with my personal hanko seal.

image size: 9 x 5.25 in
paper size: A4 / 29.7 x 21 cm / about 11.9 x 8.25 in
open edition

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