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Intricate, thought-provoking artwork with a mood and atmosphere only cut paper can convey

Art, at its most personal, speaks to us on a primal, instinctual level.

It dives to our center. Pierces through and delivers a charge directly to our neurons. Flips a switch we never even knew existed and illuminates a corner of ourselves or of the world. It continues to delight us each day, taking on new and deeper meaning.


I create contemporary artworks built up with layer upon layer of textured papers, flowing colors, and intricately cut patterns.

Also, some really nice wood.

Each piece explores themes that resonate universally. It’s these themes that form the skeleton of my work, that allow me to stretch artistically and conceptually, while allowing the inner optimism to shine through.

The Intersection of Nature and Humanity

I grew up on a small family farm in New Jersey, where I was surrounded and occasionally attacked by animals and the natural world. From an early age I was intrigued by attempts to explain the universe around us, burying myself in books of fables and mythology. I was encouraged to wander and explore, both in the woods and in the written word. Whenever there weren’t cows in need of chasing.

I'm fascinated by the often-violent, often-sublime convergence of humankind, the natural world, and our secret personal mythologies.


Plucking at the Connections
Between All Things

I went on to study literature at Providence College, where I also took my first drawing class. I credit all that reading with my love of symbolism and metaphor. Of secret meaning and messages and veiled relationships camouflaged in puzzles. Words became images at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where I received my MFA.

Relationships form the core of our experience, and the core of my work.

Whatever shape they take, I’m drawing and cutting connections. I’m drawn to the complicated ways we navigate the most basic human needs - acceptance, inclusion, communication - and how easily those interactions can tip between symbiotic and parasitic.

In Pursuit of The Pulse Uncommon

These days, I live in Osaka. Our place gets more vibrant every day, with my amazing wife, our increasingly energetic little girl, and a whole lot of paper.

I’m captivated by flow. The flow of a line as it curves to define a shape or a spiral, as it crashes against jagged-edged cuts, deep textures and saturated colors. The currents of water and air that move against each other, ever-changing, never still. The ways we move in and are moved by the universe and people around us.


Firing Up the Transmogrifier

Paper is one of the oldest man-made materials, and one of the most versatile. It can be cut, twisted, folded, bent, manipulated in a thousand different ways. It can be bold or subtle.

There is a primitive quality to paper. Something basic and pure.

The variety of handmade washi papers is amazing - each sheet is unique, and often a beautiful piece of art unto itself. Patterned chiyogami papers add traditional designs and colors. The culture of paper art flourishes all over the world, and I’m thrilled to take part, intrigued to see what new directions the medium can be pushed in.


With the technique I use, each piece is assembled like a puzzle. Shapes, colors and textures slide into place, create form and focus, add context and meaning. Light and shadow play along the rough folds and layers, creating a work that exists in real space, that asks to be touched, that yearns to connect.

The act of transformation is an act of power.

Internal changes - world-rattling epiphanies or an emotional metamorphosis - echo throughout the body. We might resist. We might celebrate. No matter. The world and the way we see it are forever altered.


Selected Exhibitions

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

9•11•2019 - 9•30•2019, 今宵の月は。。。• About The Moon Tonight…, Arts Rush Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Selected Exhibitions ( * solo / featured shows )


Ayashi • 妖し展 2018 EXHIBITION, Arts Rush Gallery, Tokyo, Japan • read more

Kachofugetsu • 花鳥風月, Arts Rush Gallery, Tokyo, Japan


Paper Heroes, Old Jaffa Museum, Old Jaffa, Israel

菌の楽園 • Kin no Rakuen • Fungal Paradise, Arts Rush Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

梅雨のゆううつ。。。展 • Tsuyu no Yū-utsu, Arts Rush Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Affordable Art Fair, Milan, Italy • Brussels, Belgium


Eto • Beyond This Moment • Inori, Arts Rush Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

現代アート展 in 嘉穂劇場 2016, Fukuoka, Japan

Paper Creatures, Old Jaffa Museum, Old Jaffa, Israel • read more

花鳥風月 • Kachofugetsu, Arts Rush Gallery, Tokyo, Japan


来るものはサル!, Arts Rush Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

妖し展 • Ayashi 2015 Exhibition, Arts Rush Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

T-shirt Exhibition, Arts Rush Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

紳士と淑女の小物展 • Ornamentations of Gentlemen & Ladies, Arts Rush Gallery, Tokyo, Japan


蒼山日菜と日本の切り絵作家展 「Hina Aoyama and Cut Paper Artists of Japan Exhibition」,
Ichibata Hall,  Matsue, Japan

妖し展 「Ayashi Exhibition」, Arts Rush Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

つるフェス第2開催「Tsuru Textiles Festival 2014」, Gallery Earl Gray, Kurume, Japan

音色展 「Neiro / Tone Exhibition」, Arts Rush Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

*All Runs Together Again, Acros Fukuoka, Fukuoka


2013 International Kirie Art Competition Exhibition in Minobu Japan 

Fujikawa Kirie Art Museum | 富士川・切り絵の森美術館, Yamanashi, Japan

Kyoto Yokai Hakurankai, Daizen Temple Main Chamber & Otera House, Kyoto

Gyeongnam International Art Fair 2013, Changwon, South Korea

Tokay Gecko Award 2013 Exhibition, Galerie RECOLTE, Fukuoka

*All Runs Together | Patrick Gannon Exhibition solo exhibition, Gallery Feel, South Korea

*All Runs Together solo exhibition, Galerie Recolte, Fukuoka


猫とドラゴン展 「Cats & Dragons」,Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo

福岡魂「Fukuoka Soul」, Solaria Plaza, ゼファ」, Fukuoka

怪 (Kai), Gallery G2, Ginza, Tokyo

Tokay Gecko Award 2012 Exhibition, Galerie RECOLTE, Fukuoka


, Gallery G2, Ginza, Tokyo

World Cut-Paper Art Exhibition, Fujikawa Kirie Art Museum, Yamanashi, Japan

Verge Art Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY

New Moon 2011: interpretations of the Chinese Zodiac, myplasticheart, New York, NY

*Outside Looking In, 3-man Show, C.A.V.E Gallery, Venice, CA


Cut It Up! Contemporary Papercutters' Exhibition, Ann Street Gallery, Newburgh, NY

*Night of the Yokai – Patrick Gannonの摩訶不思議な切絵展 Solo Show, Gallery Enyen, Tokyo

American Comics Exhibition 2010, Gallery Kopis, Tokyo

風雷貌 / A Wind-Swept and Thunderous Countenance, Gallery G2, Tokyo

はさみの音 – The Sound of Scissors, Niji Gallery, Tokyo


*The Way of Flow, C.A.V.E. Gallery, Venice, CA

風雷暴, Gallery G2, Ginza, Tokyo

Battle Royal, Gallery 1988, San Francisco

自由への拡大図 magnifying freedom (仮), Makii Masaru Fine Arts, Asakusabashi, Tokyo

New Moon: Interpretations of the Chinese Zodiac, myplasticheartnyc, New York

Heart Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Building, Tokyo, Japan

Love Winter Tokyo , Gallery G2, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan


Puddletown, Compound Gallery, Portland, OR

ToyQube 4th Anniversary Party and Sharky Show, The Sullivan Room, New York, NY

Paper Pushers, Gallery 1988 San Francisco, CA

Toys, Gallery 1988 Los Angeles, CA


Paper Pushers, Gallery 1988 San Francisco, CA