A Blog to Call My Own

There's not a lot of fanfare when a person dives headfirst into that inky pond of opinion and contradiction known as blogging. Why would there be? After all, this is only one teensy little jumble of words and pictures amid the unfathomable mass already vying for everyone's attention. Which brings up that most important of questions: Why? A couple of reasons, really.

I've just moved to Tokyo, Japan. Just gotten married. I have family, friends and clients who might like to know what is happening in my life.

I'm an artist and an illustrator. I make these crazy pictures out of paper. I like to think that I create something relatively unique that some people would like to know more about. About the concepts, the process, the influences. In addition, in writing about them, I hope that I can learn a little something about the way I work; possibly to evolve and improve.

Japan is an insane, fascinating, fantastic place. New culture sprouts up alongside temples and shrines that have stood (and burned down, and been rebuilt, and fallen over, and been rebuilt again) for thousands of years. Trends have an average lifespan shorter than a goldfish's memory. The food alone is worth a daily journal or two.

Finally, mukashi mukashi, which is to say, a very very long time ago, I was a pretty decent writer. With ideas and opinions and things. It's nice to stretch those mental muscles again. Hope I don't tear any of them.

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