Where Paper Goes to Dream

The Cut-Paper Studio

This is the cut-paper studio. One of the quirks of living in Japan is that furniture is just a touch smaller than I'm used to. This table is 2 or 3 cm shorter in all dimensions than the student drafting table I was using back in the States. Until I really get used to it, I expect I'll keep knocking things off it. I learned quickly to be careful with anything liquid or sticky. Or sharp. On the plus side, it's built like a rock. I also hope to be able to add a lamp to the mix one day.

The Studio-Business Nook

Space is pretty vital over here, which is why everything is piled on top of one another. Rooms are measured in tatami mats (about 34 x 70 in). An average room like this is 6 mats. I began using one of the tables to flip through my piles and piles of paper, but that didn't work out. The paper has a tendency to spread and fill any semi-available space. I've tried to control this entropy, but it's pretty futile.Here's the business nook. I try to keep my business and promotion work separate from where I do my art. The idea is to prevent distractions. Occasionally it works.

The computer is one of those newfangled intel-powered iMacs. Love it. It's great to watch movies on. At night. After work. It does keep the music playing all day - something I find essential to doing any kind of art.