⊛  Snowy Landscape
⊛  cut + torn paper / illustration board
⊛  4.25 x 15.4 in • 108 x 392 mm  
⊛  incorporeal

Growing up in the Appalachian Mountains (even in New Jersey) provided me with one of the world's best playgrounds. Even now, whenever I feel a little lost or down, going back and spending some time walking the trails and running away from bears helps to center me and put everything into better perspective.

Winter in general, and snow in particular, always make me want to scream for help. Thanks goodness for Tokyo. If I see one inch of snow this year I'll be lucky.

I've been wanting to come up with a new banner for this blog for awhile now, and this scene seemed like the perfect way to kill two birds with one wildly thrown stone. The plan is to add to it as the holidays come and go, so making this has been a big help to get me into the season.