Hitching a Ride on the Breath of Fortune

⊛  Hitching a Ride on the Breath of Fortune  
⊛  cut + torn paper + washi / wood  
⊛  4 x 6 in  • 100 x 150 mm   
⊛  private collection  

 "We make our own fortunes and we call them fate",
or so said Benjamin Disraeli.

Then again, considering how many quotes of his fill up the quotation books, Benjamin Disraeli said a lot. The way I see it, he must have had an aide scuttling along behind him, scribbling down every word he said just in case it ended up being memorable.

I always liked the idea of being blown along on Fortune's breathe. It might be my age or my situation, but I felt the urge to make it a little more (and I really do hate this word) proactive. This is another 木はがき (wooden postcard) and as such, is teensy. The sketch is below.

Illustration Friday

⊛  Hitching a Ride on the Breath of Fortune  
⊛  Final Drawing