An All-New, All-Improved Me

A year in the making, the all-new, vastly improved, 100% cloudier Portfolio Website is uploaded, online, and running! Hopefully well. Of course, when I say it was "a year in the making", I don't actually mean I worked on the site for a full year, deliberating on each teensy detail until the capillaries in my forehead throbbed with concentration. What it really means is that, almost exactly one year ago I looked at the old site, wrinkled my nose, then dug into real work with deadlines and stuff. About 6 months after that, I had some free time and nailed down a basic design that I liked. Then another work avalanche separated me from my dream of digital beauty. Not that I'm complaining. A code-warrior I am not.

About three weeks ago, with the site looking extra-super dated, I cleared my schedule and got to work. Special thanks go out to the dozens of artists and illustrators whose sites I liked enough to copy bits off of. This article also gave me some food for thought, tho I can't say I agree with every point. Webdesign is an exercise in compromise after all.

Take a look through the site when you get a chance. If you notice any bugs, glitches, boo-boos, or major screw-ups, drop me a line . Of course, if the contact page is one of them, that might not help.

I'm planning on adding a Black-and-white portfolio, a shop, and some Japanese (does anyone know how to code for multiple languages? Explain as you would explain to a duller-than-average chimp, please) when I get the chance. And PaperCuts will be getting a few tweaks to incorporate the two sites better. Right now though, I kinda sorta want to stop thinking in html and get back to the relatively simple and relaxing work of chopping up paper.

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