Tales of the Fiery Pig (Homasubi)


 Tales of the Fiery Pig (Homasubi)  
⊛  cut paper + washi / board
⊛  11.7 x 8.3 in • 297 x 210 mm
⊛  private collection


In a landscape covered with houses built from paper and wood, emergency is spelled  f-i-r-e. Well, actually, it's spelled 火.

The guy responsible for looking after the hot stuff was Homasubi, the god of fire. His story is rather short and dark (think about giving birth to a god of fire), but he wasn't a bad guy. Just had a bit of a temper, you know.

Homasubi had a human form, but usually preferred to appear as a fiery boar. Appropriate for someone prone to the occassional temper flare-up. Seeing as this is still the Year of the Boar 亥年 (my year), I wanted to make one more inoshishi piece. It was designed as a companion piece to this Little Piggy. I think this may also be the most monochromatic color piece I've ever done.