To Newer and Better Grounds

⊛  To Newer and Better Grounds  
⊛  cut paper + washi + chiyogami / wood  
⊛  4 x 6 in • 100 x 150 mm   
⊛  private collection  

Although you couldn't tell from the humidity, Summer is wrapping up, packing away it's suntan lotion, and getting ready to make way for Fall.

The last few pieces I've done seem to have borrowed their color schemes from the heavy heat of late August, with their dense reds and weighty themes. I felt that I needed to do something light and airy to combat the remaining haziness that doesn't seem to want to go away. Something to capture the upward and hopeful momentum that I'm hoping the new season will bring.

I'm shocked to learn that it is almost exactly a year to the day since I've done my last Koi piece. Must be the season. With these pieces, I like to let the texture of the wood push me towards a design and concept. The previous piece used the grain of the wood as rain. This board (another 木はがき, a wooden postcard) hinted at ripples, as if something had burst out of water. I don't know if it will always be successful, but it's interesting to let the materials decide what the image will be about.