Wishing I Was in San Francisco

Last night the Paper Pushers show opened at Gallery1988 SF, and I wasn't there. I'm one sad paper-cutter. It looks like the opening was huge fun. Naturally. Worst of all, I missed the chance to spend hour after hour babbling semi-incoherently about my artwork. My amazing wife usually shuts me down after ten minutes.

You can see the work online here, at the preview page. I highly recommend checking it out. I had the privelege of showing with an amazing group of super-talented folk (I'm getting paid by the superlative today). Some of my faves (and it was hard to pick just a few):

A number of the pieces are still available, so if you see one you can't live without, give the good folks at the gallery a call. They'll be happy to hook you up. With a little luck, I'll be able to go to the next show along with my papery critters, wherever in the wide world it happens to be.


Happy Halloween!