Under the Influence Show at Gallery 1988 LA

The awesome folks over at Gallery 1988 (Los Angeles, this time) just asked me to contribute a piece to their upcoming Stan Lee tribute show, "Under the Influence".

There are about a billion killer artists in the show, all playing around with characters and themes derived from the House Stan and Jack built. I would write about the debt art (yeah, comics can be art, and complicated art at that) and pop culture owe Stan Lee, but it would start as a gush and just get messier and more flowery from there. Let's just say I'm thrilled to be included. And I wish I could get to LA, 'cuz Stan will be at the show.

If you're curious which piece is in the show, you can find it in the archives. Just think "Gamma Rays". By the by, this 7 color art print by Daniel Danger, which just happens to be awesome, will be available when the show opens.