Nani?* Birds?

SkyBird cut paper toy by Patrick Gannon

*nani = "WHaaaaaaaat???" Remember way back when I posted about this paper-toy-doodad-bird-thingy I made? Remember it was based on Josh McKible's original "Paperbird" design? Well, Those tricky Paperbirds have morphed into NaniBirds, and a whole new batch has hatched over on the new website.

Hop on over to that nest to download (yes, for FREE) the template for Skybird, or more than a dozen other extremely nifty birdies by a whole flock of talented people. Since the last post, Skybird has grown a pair of itty-bitty birdy feet and, now that he's found his voice, is sure to ruffle a few feathers. He's certainly spread his wings, so to speak.

Hurm. That's all the silly bird references I can come up with right now. Feel free to suggest more in the comments. And yes, I promise there will be new work online soon.