Everyone In Together: The Art

Everyone In Together show at Gallery 1988 San Francisco cut paper art by Patrick Gannon

"Everyone In Together" opened Friday Night at Gallery 1988 San Francisco and, by all reports, it was tremendous. I really wish I could make it to these shows to meet all the artists and art lovers. Sadly, this is the price I pay for my otherwise glamorous life in Tokyo. At least one of my online friends promised to attend the show and grab some photos. I will be posting those when available. These are the three pieces I have hanging in the show, and I couldn't be prouder of them, or the company which they are currently keeping. All three are available for purchase, so if you're interested, give the gallery a call! You can see the whole dang show online here! Or, better yet, mosey on down to SF to bask in their full glory. Check out the individual blog entries: The Electric NarwhalThe Plain OneAll the Little Things Said