The Sharky Show: A Papery Convergence, Part the First


It always amazes me how things can be whispery quiet for so long, and then ... KA-Blooey! Everything drops on you at once, like a grand piano. August ushers in not one, not two, but three gallery shows in three cities on two continents. And why, you might ask, has this poor, lonely blog been so neglected as of late? Because I'm not allowed to show off just yet. Not even the stuff I've actually made.

The first event is ToyQube's 4th Anniversary Party and Sharky Show! That's right, it's a PARTY! At the Sullivan Room in NYC on August 15th! And I will, as usual, be sitting at home in Tokyo while everyone else in the world has fun at the extravaganza. But that's alright. You go have fun. Don't worry about me. I will comfort myself with sushi.

Chief amongst the festivities, ToyQube asked fifty-odd artists, including myself, to contribute customized Sharky vinyl toys (designed by Keith Poon)and/or Sharky-influenced artwork to the show. Since I still haven't figured out how to wrap paper neatly around vinyl, my piece will hang flatly on a wall. Here is a sneak peak at the art:

Online Toy design central, Vinyl Pulse, is an official sponsor of the event, and will likely have sneak peaks of the custom toys as August 15th draws closer. Keep in mind, the show is only a one-night event! Don't miss the revelry! Event Info:

ToyQube's 4th Anniversary Party (and Sharky Show!)

date:  August 15th, 2008 RSVP only 7 - 10 PM

time:  Open to the public after 10pm

place:  Sullivan Room 218 Sullivan St. New York, NY 10012-1354
phone:  212.252.2151
RSVP: rsvp[at]toyqube[dot]com