A Black Moon Rises, Paper Pushers Opens


⊛ A Black Moon Rises
⊛ cut paper / shikishi (calligraphy board)
⊛ 10.75 x 9.6 in • 273 x 244 mm / framed: 15.5 x 13 in • 394 x 330 mm


They exist detached from society; a shadow people slipping silently through the darkness, nothing more than a fury glimpsed out the corner of the eye.

But in their quiet moments, their silent vigils, they blend into their surroundings, becoming more a part of their world than we could ever hope to be.

"A Black Moon Rises" is Japanese washi paper mounted on a shikishi calligraphy board. The gold of the moon is even shinier, and somehow more subtle in person (it seems like there's a super-thin layer of paper on top of the foil...a really interesting, soft effect). To fit the theme, the frame is a traditional Japanese cloth frame, also in gold. You can see the framed image at the bottom of this post.

This piece was made for Gallery 1988 SF's Paper Pushers group show. And what a magnificent show it is. I can't even begin to say how impressed I am by the vast range of talent and imagination on display. I'm also thrilled that I've managed to sell a couple pieces on opening night. Here's hoping the rest of the run continues this success.

The other pieces in the show are: Fierce Nekomata and the Skull of Goemon, We All Laugh Together, Now I Got Worry (StressMonkey), Flung Wide Open to the Snarl, Down On the Bottom Again, I Will Stitch Myself a New Fur Coat, Night Whistling, That Which is Always Missing, and And the Moon Was Held Prisoner in His Chest.

You can see the entire show online here. If you have the chance to see the work in person, you definitely should jump at it. Art is always so much more impressive in person.

Speaking of impressive, these are some of my faves (and it was hard to pick just a few): David Habben

Julian Callos

Laura Laine

Roland Tamayo

and of course, Noferin