Big Pile 'o' Scraps

UPDATE 2015:  PaperScraps has since been retitled as Snippets.  It hasn't seen a whole lot of updates recently, but I hope to move to a more regular schedule in the year ahead.

The latest issue of PaperScraps is up, recapping some of the fun and frolic of the past couple of months here in cut-paper world. If you haven't signed up to receive it yet, now's a great time.

Most important (so important I'm repeating it here!) is my show schedule for the next couple of months. I'm working on a new Exhibitions page on my site to let everyone know what's coming up and what's gone before. These things take time, however. Until then, here's how it stands:

  • December 1-14, 2008 "SCBWI Tokyo Group Show", Tokyo American Club, Tokyo
  • Opening December 4, 2008 "Puddletown", Compound Gallery, Portland
  • December 14-20, 2008 "Chinese Zodiac Group Show", Gallery Kópis, Tokyo

Despite my bumbling grasp of the Japanese language, "Space and Nature" at Gallery Kópis was a great show to take part in. Apparently the gallery agreed, as they asked me to come back for a late December show (the title is tentative). I think my part will be smaller this time around, but I hope to be able to hang out and talk to visitors once or twice. Since I was showing my "Year of the Cow" art during this past show, I'll have to come up with something a little different. Should be fun!