Gallery Show - Kaiun Fukubukuro Show @ Bartok Gallery

Fukubukuro are a great, fun Japanese New Year's tradition that I rarely get the chance to take advantage of. The Fukubukuro is a "lucky bag" which stores sell, filled to the brim with mystery items. It's similar to the grab bag we have in the US, with the exception that there's a pretty good chance that you actually want some of the stuff in a Fukubukuro. Kaiun translates roughly (very roughly) as Lucky Opening, meaning that this is Bartok's first show of the year and we all hope it rocks.

Oh, and there's a chance that all the artists will be auctioning off Fukubukuro on the final day of the show (January 20th, 2009) filled with all kinds of goodies. Maybe even some original art. hint hint. Stop on by (Bartok's in Ginza) if you get the chance! We'd love to see you.

The details:

Kaiun Fukubukuro Show「開運福袋展」

place: Bartok Gallery Ginza, Tokyo

opening party: Wednesday January 14, 2009 from 5:30pm ~ 7:30pm

dates: January 14 - January 20, 2009 (Gallery closed on Sunday, the 18th)

time: 11:30am ~ 6:15pm (closes 5pm on the 20th)

ph. 03-3567-0005
address: 〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座1-18-2 銀座太平ビル1階


Here's a link to the gallery (all in Japanese!)

And here's a map (also in Japanese).

I'm not sure yet which days I will be present, but the 14th is a pretty good bet.